Warning: lot of unprocessed / unedited photos ahead. Some NSFW.

Part of the process of creating is to filter a lot of photos during the generation process. We generate so much content that sometimes is easy to miss.

In today’s post I’m sharing some stuff it grabbed my attention.

You can skip to the gallery below.

For those who want to know more

You may like some of these. So why they were discarded in the first place? The reasons may be:

  • Too many issues that could be from blurry faces to the classic distorted or deformed limbs (maybe there is a niche for that ?).
  • Technical and lack of craftsmanship: here I put images that are beyond my expertise to fix… or maybe I can but it would take an unreasonable amount of time to.
  • A matter of taste and context (temporarily?): this has a heavy artistic / creative weight so I may not like it but it is actually not bad or I didn’t like it back then. Actually some of these I like them on a second review but maybe they were not within the concept or theme I was working on at that time.
  • Whatever: may have been missed, not displayed while generating (which happens in LeonardoAI), or any other reason. Who knows.

The Gallery of (almost) Forgotten Creations

Hover to see the reason (if any) for the image to be left behind.