I do this for fun mainly, but from the beginning I thought about it as a way to earn an extra as well. This may sound off to some but monetization it is part of what I do.

There is a lot of effort, even in having fun (I’ve discussed this in this post if you are curious).

Last week I’ve reached 1K followers on Twitter and I wanted to share how this happened, talk a bit about monetization and how this goes along creating Erotic Art with AI and Photoshop.

From The Beginning (and a warning)

As I mentioned, monetizing was something I knew it was part of EnticingAI from the very beginning. I’m not good at it, this is my personal experience and learning process. So if you are looking on tips on how to get rich fast, this is not for you. But if you, like me, are starting with this, it may be of help.

The Basics

The Social Media game is to be constantly pushing content. This is hard and weird, specially for people who loves creating. It puts a pressure to deliver quick. I create music and Photography and although I love teaching and sharing, when the process of creating is more artsy, being reminded of constantly create something for the Social Media machine seems wrong, like doing a bad job.

Nevertheless, in my case, and with AI, creating makes it a little easier. In fact, I recently did a cleaning / review of pictures and I’ve found I have a lot of content that I can use that is good enough to be posted without even editing. So here is the first tip:

First Tip: identify your byproduct, have a constant stream of content that can be easily created without causing stress.

Create, accumulate things that are of your interest that are not your main masterpieces and use that to have a constant stream of content. Make this, the byproduct of your job, the content that you don’t want to spend a lot of time curating. But it must have quality, that is a must.

Second Tip: use the tools

Posting all day (at least 3 times a day is my minimum) can be time consuming. The more social media accounts, the worst it get.

I’ve managed this using Schedules. And if the platform doesn’t have an option, there are many free tools you can choose from to help with this. In my case I use:

  • DeviantArt: it has a scheduling option
  • Twitter: it has a scheduling option.
  • Instagram: if you use it with Facebook, you can use the Business Suit to schedule posts. In my case, I couldn’t use Facebook because of the filters. And Instagram is not good for NSFW or spicy stuff, so I do it manually. I don’t get good results from it yet, so I don’t bother a lot.
  • TikTok: it has a scheduling option as well.

So use it as your advantage. Create a buffer, have always something cooking or accumulare stuff and use some hours a week or a single day a week or a day a month to schedule for the next days, weeks or month.

Third Tip: Community. Share, build, interact.

I’m an introvert, I prefer to create and post and that will make it easier. But I cannot deny and make it more clear than this: communities don’t grow by themselves.

Create, share, like, COMMENT!, be authentic.

On authenticity: don’t just like everything, be true to yourself. Share / repost what you like, like what you like, and comment when you are impressed. It means a lot to other creators the same as you care when you get comments and likes.

Also, repost (in Twitter or IG for example). Old school people like me see this as strange at the beginning. But this is social media. Sharing other works is not like advertising a car the neighbor is selling. Re posting shows other types of content in your content stream. It expands your profile and also is more content that you have in display and people can like and comment. It is more views and most important, reposting shows who you think deserve more exposure so it helps algorithms to identify talent.

Specifics on Platforms for Posting Erotic / NSFW Art


  • Join challenges, these are fun and have a threefold advantage: it makes your creations available to other public, it makes you discover other amazing artists and get inspiration and it constructs communities. Most of the followers I got increased a lot while doing challenges. It provides a lot of Exposure and I credit Challenges as the main reason to reach 1K.
  • Comment, repost: it helps a lot, it adds to your profile, it promotes talent and it makes your profile visible for others as well and will do the same for you if the same creators or others repost your stuff.

DeviantArt (And Monetization)

This was a surprise. I joined DA at the end of the nineties and I never thought it was even alive until I started researching which platforms allowed AI and Erotic content.

And it turned out to be the first platform where I did a couple bucks.

I may add a post just dedicated to DA, but in summary, they do some things right:

  • They accept some nudity and ban other stuff, but if you are respectful on flagging and clearly labeling your content, they don’t go after you (obviously this depends on the content).
  • The platform enforces sharing with the Llamas, Challenges, suggesting to make comments for newly registered people that shared their first creations. It has groups. It makes interacting more organic. Use it to your advantage.
  • Many ways to monetize: put a price on it, create tiers, offer extra / high res versions for an extra, create payed galleries, use adoptables. I’m not into furry stuff but if you check the adoptables and the most viewed stuff you will see there is a big market there. For other types or Erotic Art is lower, but not nothing and a lot of people still do well.


I didn’t have a good experience with it. All social platforms will require some effort to promote yourself or buy something to do it. In DA you can promote yourself within the platform, same in Twitter, here you can’t. And I’ve saw some cases where they can ban you for NSFW. It didn’t work for me, but I see it does for others. I’d give it another try.

Other Stuff and Final Thoughts

Same as this post, I enjoy sharing. I’ve tried YouTube but don’t have much time for creating videos. I will create more tutorials and posts like this in the future. Specially if people find it interesting.

Also, I’ve recently found this blog which has some amazing tips and other (new) platforms I’ll try soon: https://hbeatsart.com/

Oh. Forgot to mention RedBubble. I’ve sold just 2 pieces. But it is something (and that is with a very relaxed promotion).

So share, comment and let me know what you think!