Problems with DeviantArt (and remember to backup)

A couple days ago I noticed I was reaching the limit on my DA account. I thought something was wrong since I only have like 700 pictures. Since the new interface came there were some glitches and I though it was going to be fixed.

I use to save my stuff and schedule posts, this is a time saver as I’ve mentioned in this post about doing what I do. But my account was empty and still showing it was maxed out.

Posts, exclusives, hi-res seem to be working, so the data is there, but schedule dissapeared and at this point I’ll not upload any new stuff to avoid the risk of duplication.

Backup and backup more

I do have a backup of everything I do, so I’m ok. But this is a reminder to always keep a copy of your stuff.

  • Never trust the Cloud
  • Never trust a single Hard Drive

Backup, and backup again.

When things go wrong, it is always a waste of time. The difference of having good backup practices is to waste some minutes / hours … or days / months.


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