Xyggy creates tentacle erotica with amazing attention to details, subject expressions and a mix of horror and dark sci-fi which are part of his many influences. In this interview xyggy shares some insights on tools, AI and process to create these amazing artworks.

Tell us your name (or artistic name) and a little bit about yourself, background… and anything you want to share.

Hi I’m xyggy, my day job is a Web Designer and my art background is making digital and traditional art.

Tell us about what you create, style and what people can expect from your creations.

Gritty, explicit tentacle erotica.

How long have you been creating artworks (AI or not)?

17 years.

Tease by xyggy

What inspires you and influenced your creations (artists, movies, books, comics, music… anything)

To contrast prevalent “pretty” and “low effort” AI works with high level unique pieces that hopefully show new sides of AI art that provoke a strong connection and interaction with my audience. I strive to create quality over quantity. I try to avoid posting dozens from the same set, and rather work on a single good one from each set. H.R. Geiger, Tattoo art, Atmospheric Black Metal music, dark sci-fi / horror.

What tools do you use to create?

Stable Diffusion through Automatic1111 on my computer, Photoshop with AI tools integrated

What do you enjoy most when creating your artworks?

In Photoshop, zooming wayy in to high-resolution pieces and touching up skin, almost like physically caressing.

What do you think about AI?

It’s a fantastic tool for artists and non-artists alike.

Any concerns or worries about AI?

Engaging in debates about AI can be harmful for mental health. Do it in moderation, or just avoid it and continue doing what you do.

Favorite creators or recommendations?

@ninkinonk, @KsSam, @Snowden2023

What do you think about the critics to AI generated content?

I think some have legitimate concerns when it comes to the struggles of having to adjust to a rapidly changing art landscape. Rarely debates of this nature are honest so I avoid them.

What is your experience so far with the community of AI creators?

Very positive.

What is your experience with the community in general

Very mixed.

What advice can you give for people looking to start creating with AI?

Also look into photo editors like GIMP for example, and learn to touch up your AI works. Maybe even fix some errors that AI tends to produce. Try to make full body subjects (if humanoids are your subjects) because portraits are easy and common, this can set yourself apart from the herd and provide a good challenge.

Anything you want to add?

Keep dreaming, and keep trying to visualize them.

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Sundress by xyggy

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