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W15P’s profile in Twitter mentions “Digital Dreamweaver” and I couldn’t agree more. Inspired by dark fantasy from many sources including video games, manga, heavy music and digital media;  W15P’s creations combine many styles with evoking imagery and great taste. In this interview this amazing artist covers a lot of ground on AI topics, the community and inspiration. Enjoy!

Tell us your name (or artistic name) and a little bit about yourself, background… and anything you want to share.

Wisp or Wisper, the options are many and depends if the nickname is available 😀 But my friends have been calling me Wisper all my conscious life. It’s a nickname I came up with when I was in high school.

Tell us about what you create, style and what people can expect from your creations.

I’m a fan of dark fantasy. I love all kinds of evil demonic women with big horns, witches, elven women, etc. I don’t turn down anime content, but I like to show the beauty of the female body the most. I can not say that I have found my niche, I am constantly trying to improve my work, looking for something new, trying to repeat the work that I like very much and add my vision.


..How long have you been creating artworks (AI or not)?

From August 2023. I wanted to draw all my life, I even tried, but due to busy work and studies (not related to drawing) I never learned to make cool art. I dreamed of becoming like Artgerm, his work influenced me a lot. One day I stumbled upon a video on installing Stable Diffusion and it all came to a head.

What inspires you and influenced your creations (artists, movies, books, comics, music… anything)

Manga Berserk, Dark Souls, Dragon Age, Love, Death + Robots, I get inspiration from a lot of places. Originally I wanted to create mech art in the style of Evangelion. Now I’m into gothic and melancholy, Silent Hill, I don’t know if it’s temporary.

I remember when I came across CathodeDreams’ work on Twitter and couldn’t stand it, I wrote to him and asked him to teach me how to make the same art. He didn’t reveal all the cards, but he gave a lot of useful information. I admire him to this day. I can’t remember the names of all the people who influenced me, I guess that’s the problem with the AI community, there’s a huge amount of work and hard to remember some specific authors.

I like heavy music, doom metal, sludge. It all affects me, I could go on and on about what I’m made of 😀

What tools do you use to create?

Well, Photoshop, Midjourney, Stable Diffusion and sometimes Microsoft Photos.

What do you enjoy most when creating your artworks?

I guess when you get what you came up with in your head with 100% accuracy, when you start looking at the details of the artwork and marvel at the possibilities of technology. You want to dig deeper and look for the limits of what is possible.

For example, today I was making an art with Mirko (My Hero Academia) and I wondered if the AI knows about defilements…. yes it does, and very detailed, it seemed to me that the longest rendering took not the girl, such details I have not seen anywhere else. I’m sorry for this information, but I had to share. 😀

What do you think about AI?

It’s the future, it’s something that will gain momentum and opportunity every year. I like the time I’m living in now. AI will unlock more talented people who are not creative but smart and it will open up even more boundaries and opportunities

A lot of people reject and hate AI, but I think AI will soon replace about 5-10 high paying professions, maybe more.

As Viktor from League of Legends said, “Embrace progress.”

Any concerns or worries about AI?

Nah, I’m calm. I want these technologies to evolve. I mean, that’s fcking cool!!!

Favorite creators or recommendations?

@StellariAI, @coffee2hai, @cathode_dreams, @onespeg, @kapibagi

What do you think about the critics to AI generated content?

I think such people are stupid and their attempts to abolish AI, to fight it will lead to absolutely nothing, progress and technology cannot be stopped.

I once made some cool art on the Berserk manga and posted it on reddit. Since I’m a fan myself, and since the manga author Kentaro Miura died, I wanted to make people happy with drawings in his style. That’s where the nightmare started when I replied to the person that I did it in midjourney…. I was stoned. I promptly deleted the art and no longer appear on that platform.

In the Middle Ages there were boys who ran around the city and threw stones at people’s windows to wake them up, it was a profession in fact, then alarm clocks appeared. In my town there is a monument to a man who used to light street lamps by hand, now there is no such thing. I’m sure there were people who were against it then too, it’s idiotic.

Mankind is evolving, not regressing, so, again “Embrace progress”.

What is your experience so far with the community of AI creators?

I was more active before, now it’s a lot of work and I don’t keep up. I want to build a new PC to speed up the generation process. I post my art from time to time, I talk to a lot of people in private messages, we consult, I have a few people I respect and we’re kind of even friends. I like my people on Twitter and their work.

What is your experience with the community in general

Like I said above, I got a lot of information from there which ultimately helped me learn a lot of new things. I am grateful to the community, very much. I am especially grateful to those who respond to comments and messages, lol.

What advice can you give for people looking to start creating with AI?

Don’t be afraid to explore the boundaries of possibility, experiment, be inspired by other work and actively use Civitai. Most importantly, don’t stop, you have a great opportunity to learn new things and meet cool people. One guy told me that he even found a girlfriend this way, he is from France if I am not mistaken.

Anything you want to add?

Hmmm, I can say that now I found a remote part-time job generating images, I’m doing what I like, gaining experience, it’s cool, but I don’t have enough time to generate my images 😀

That’s what I mean, AI is cool and the field of possibilities, the main thing is desire and purpose.


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