Interview: Sereon

Sereon is an amazing AI Creator whos imagery is both imaginative and detailed. His style is photorealistic mainly and explores different topics, poses, styles and aesthetics. In today’s interview, Sereon mentiones different topics that conform this first year doing these amazing artworks as a hobby.

Tell us your name (or artistic name) and a little bit about yourself, background… and anything you want to share.

Hi, My name is Sereon and I am an Indian by Nationality. I mostly turned to AI generated art because I couldn’t make conventional art.

Tell us about what you create, style and what people can expect from your creations.

I mostly try to make photorealistic and artistic Ai art which is on the NSFW side. I am not really sure what people are expecting from me. I just do this as a hobby so I’m not really looking to deep into what is expected of me.

How long have you been creating artworks (AI or not)?

I think I started beginning of last year, so it has probably been one year now.

Interview: Sereon

What tools do you use to create?

In the beginning I used many different artist styles, and I loved doing that. These days I am just using LORAS, which is not as fun, but does give consistent results.

What do you think about AI?

AI is a most versatile tool which can be implemented many things other than art. IT is also recently being used in research as well. I have heard the argument that AI should not be used for art, but I think it is enabling people who do not have the skill to bring their imagination to life to do so.

Any concerns or worries about AI?

AI art especially should be monitored to some extent. There are many disturbed individuals who are making underaged nsfw content and that is really disturbing. Also deep fakes. I believe that AI should not be used to undermine the individuality and integrity of any person whether they are celebrities or not.

What is your experience so far with the community of AI creators?

The AI community has been supportive of every creator I have talked to until now.

What advice can you give for people looking to start creating with AI?

I would say that you do not need to pay to make good art. Neither do you need a GPU or anything, There are many online platform that they can use. I have not paid a single cent to make any of my art. I would also like to reiterate a piece of advice that someone gave me when I started getting active on X. Make sure to get the eyes right.

Thank you very much Sereon for this interview!


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Sereon Gothic Girl

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