A big thanks to Sakana-kun for participating in this interview which is the first one!

Sakana-kun is a french artist that has been creating artworks for a little more than a year and in this interview shares some comments on AI, creating artworks, and interesting recommendations to other creators. More than 14K followers on X are a testament of how great these artworks are. If you, like me, like fantasy (demons, elves and other creatures); you’ll not be disappointed.

Tell us your name (or artistic name) and a little bit about yourself, background… and anything you want to share.

Elf Witch ~Nerissa~by Sakana-kun
What do you create, style and what people can expect from your creations.
I create some demon girl, cyclops Girl and other beautiful “monster girls”.

How long have you been creating artworks (AI or not)?
Since February 2023.

What inspires you and influenced your creations (artists, movies, books, comics, music… anything)
I will say I don’t have any inspiration, i create my own artwork.

What tools do you use to create?
Stable Diffusion + Photoshop.

 What do you enjoy most when creating your artworks?
I enjoy creating beautiful artwork and have always created a diverse range of pieces that touch people’s hearts.

What do you think about AI?
For me, it’s a tool that turns our ideas and thoughts into something tangible.

Any concerns or worries about AI?
Yep, for example, we have some people who use AI to finish a artwork of an artist which is in WIP, and that’s BAD !!

Favorite creators or recommendations?


What do you think about the critics to AI generated content?
Some comments are legitimate, while others are not. Those who criticize may not understand the difficulty of achieving the perfect generation.

What is your experience so far with the community of AI creators?
We really support each other.

What is your experience with the community in general?

What advice can you give for people looking to start creating with AI?
First, explore on your own and try different things to find your style. Experiment with various AI tools and techniques to understand what works best for you. Once you’ve discovered your preferred approach, dedicate time to practice and refine your skills. Additionally, don’t hesitate to seek inspiration from other creators and learn from their work.

Thanks Sakana-kun for sharing your thoughts!

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Demon Goddess ~Astara~ by Sakana-kun

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