Interview: NickAIArt

Angels, witches, fantasy girls and more, that is what NickAIArt offers in many styles, poses and amazing details created with Stable Diffusion and other tools. Step into amazing and fantastic creations from today’s artist.

Tell us your name (or artistic name) and a little bit about yourself, background… and anything you want to share.

Hi, I’m NickAIArt (At least, that’s how I’m known on twitter). I’ve been pretty much close to ‘addicted’ to the stable diffusion train (ComfyUI) for about a year now. I come from a technical background, and it mainly started as a curiosity. Now it’s a good way for me to generate art, given I’m not that handy with the pencil =P

Tell us about what you create, style and what people can expect from your creations.

It varies a lot on my ideas and/or mood at the day.
Sometimes I like making pure SDXL based art, a beautiful red landscape or a glowing butterfly, you name it. And sometimes (also mainly the focus on twitter) I make pictures of certain female persona in particular setups and settings. I always try to explore new styles so it can truly vary day by day. I learned a lot from trying various styles.


How long have you been creating artworks (AI or not)?

It’s been for about a year now, although it’s been more ‘serious’ since maybe half a year?

What inspires you and influenced your creations (artists, movies, books, comics, music… anything)

It’s hard to say honestly. Sometimes I learn a new style or some quality improvements, and I’ll revisit an old theme. I have a lot in the repertoire since early genning. Sometimes I just get a random idea, or I’m inspired by others’ works on twitter, civit or another media. It could even be as simple as seeing a certain painting at someone elses’ place.

What tools do you use to create?

ComfyUI, and some Photoshop to amend small oddities if truly required.

What do you enjoy most when creating your artworks?

I have a peculiar taste in what I like, and being able to generate just that (or close to) is really nice. Being able to refine that one imagine just right, with all details at the right place, is very satisfying.

What do you think about AI?

It’s insanely potent, but I also fear its misuse in many cases (Not strictly speaking about image generation). It also has flaws though; just spurting to use AI for everything makes no sense for me.

Any concerns or worries about AI?

Its potential misuse in situation such as warfare, scams, and what not.

Favorite creators or recommendations?

StellariAI and sync_null on twitter! Although I’m slightly biased as we’re friends and have been doing this for a while together, give them a look. They made great content! I have tons of other awesome creators in mind, but it would become too big a list I’m afraid :D

What do you think about the critics to AI generated content?

It depends on the angle. I honestly do understand the concern from media artists. Many of their works have been fed into said AI models to train them, and without their work it would not be possible. Having their jobs potentially be in jeopardy because of it is not nice.
I do think there’s still place for them, many images can use a touch up. Or you can even make a rough design and then img2img refine it further.

On the other hand, it’s just another tool to generate content, just like other tools such as Photoshop or what not are used. Although on a different scale.

What is your experience so far with the community of AI creators?

I’ve mainly had good experiences with the other AI creators. I think people gladly share and appreciate each others’ content.

What is your experience with the community in general

It’s all been positive and people have been receptive of works.

What advice can you give for people looking to start creating with AI?

(Mainly talking about Stable diffusion) Have a goal or style to work towards, get the hang of a basic workflow (generate an initial latent, upscale it, and use a face detailer). Then try and understand more what each part can do so you can learn and tweak further. That’s when you can start making deviations and develop your own approach / style to AI images IMO.

Anything you want to add (can be added as an extra question(s)?

Thanks for the opportunity to let me take this interview :3


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Thanks to NickAIArt for sharing his thoughts in this interview!

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