This is not just a “5 steps to fight de-motivation” or feeling blocked. Comments are open and I’ll appreciate any suggestions. This is more an comprehensive view on why we go burnout, loose interest and ultimately stop creating.
I have many hobbies and many years of dealing with this. I’m sharing my view.

I’m skeptic of positivism and I’ve seen a lot of artists / creators struggle with this, silently. When we are in our peaks, we pride ourselves of out motivation and it is great to share that.

But it is also good and healthy to stop, embrace the lack of drive and let the muses go wherever they go.

First Advice – Don’t play Smart

Don’t try to be smarter than your body. If your lack of drive and motivation is self evident or if it surfaces with a little thought, great. Give it some thought then, but if it is not obvious it is better to discover the reasons why step by step. Try the things that normally work (the next points) but don’t try to resolve everything at once. What I’m trying to say is: do the things that you know may work, try something new, but don’t force it.

The truth is that, at the rate at which Socials and the World moves, there is no healthy way of doing art and being constantly present. I’ve embraced that. I think of painters that spent months to create something years ago and there were not as many artists (and population). Now, everyone can create something at least good. It is great! but everything has a downside, and that is that there is a lot of supply, and demand. And everything is fighting for our attention.

Second Advice – Understand where the struggle is and work around it

Social Media forces us to be constantly engaged with it, posting and updating. The algorithm, the evil algorithm is nothing more than a reflection of the massive size of media. Millions of people posting, everything is mixed… it is a constant battle for attention.

It is simple, if you don’t post, the algorithm puts you down. So the pressure is there. And that is not going to change. Actually it is not evil. It is the way it works. Yes, it is completely inefficient but unless we create a new solution, it is the way it works.

So… learn how to hack it. In the case of AI Generated Art (or Erotic Art) it is a little easier and I’ve explained how to constantly post without being present with the use of Scheduling.

But if what you create is much more artistic and requires a lot of detail, constantly posting is not an option. So find a way to either:

  • Create a buffer where you will always have something to post, even if you slow down.
  • Repost previous works once you have enough.
  • Take a picture or screenshot of a working progress or alternative version, and share it when you see that piece gets attention.
  • Explain your process, this is interesting for some people… or…
  • Write tutorials, BTS or something around your creations.

Specific Tips to Stay Motivated

Yes, it is more of a prevention than a damage evaluation.

  • Go for a walk, this is what works best for me and it helped me get out of depression a while ago and after that, it is the best battery charger for my mind.
  • Engage in other creative endeavors (may be distracting also)
  • Don’t give up: don’t get discouraged… or… get discouraged but use it to fuel your desire to get better. It is impossible to not get discouraged. The difficult part (and the real solution) is to go forward. And in the same note:
  • Learn to filter real criticism from shallow opinions. In my case, if you say something like: “your pic has too much color” or “I’d like it better if her hips were wider”… fine, it is your point of view, not mine. I may take it as a suggestion and I’ve learned to not give it much thought. It is like an exercise. We tend to take these type of opinions as equally valid as specifics. For example, if you tell me (like someone mentioned to me the other day) that the hands of a model look bad, that has more value to me, I can recognize where to improve and I’ll try my best to make it better. And if I cannot, I’ll do it in the next opportunity. Do not fall prey of opinions.
  • Learn your balance: sometimes we need to force ourselves to create, because that is proven to be the best way to move forward. But also, we need to learn when to stop to not strain and erode our creative drive. No one can do this for you.
  • Try something new: a new prompt style, a random one, check what others are doing.

What are your tips to stay motivated? I’d like to know.