I’ll share some of the process for whoever is interested in how I do things. I’ll probably be adding more things like this in my Patreon later on, but here goes some details, specifically for my Camping Redhead series (available only on Patreon).


I use LeonardoAI and Photoshop.

Prompt (and settings)

PROMPT: ((full body)) lewd provocative Lady with short ginger piecey emo hair with flat side swept bangs and (((without clothes, clothes off, with no clothing))) on her knees, in a camping spot, black neck choker, both arms have tattoos, ahegao face, clothing optional, silver bracelets and rings, detailed eyes, blue eyes, nudist style, stanley artgerm lau, wlop, rossdraws, low light campfire by night background

Note: the ( ) are important to emphasize that part, use only up to three.

NEGATIVE PROMPT: asian, asiatic, oriental,sfw, cropped body, clothes, cloth, pants, jacket, lingerie, trousers, underwear, leather pants, dog, (((covered genitalia))), skirt, clothing, garments, small breast, small breasts, tent

SETTINGS: model: Dreamshaper v7, resolution: 512 x 768px, pipeline: Alchemy with Illustration setting, seed: 524562944.

Any other settings are default. Don’t forget to turn Public Images Off.

The why I used this prompt I’ll explain in detail in some other tutorial (including prompt building), but lets say the important part is to describe as best as we can what we want in one sentence, and then use commas to separate more specifics, like in this case, that we want silver bracelets and rings, etc.


Things I’ve changed and how

  • Eyes: used brush tool to draw the pupil, the border of the iris since it looked flat. Applied color since both eyes looked very different (green vs. blue). Used brush to add more of a smokey eyes makeup (it is important to build a vocabulary on photography, makeup, modeling if we want to get these results directly from the IA).
  • Used the classic burn and dodge tool to exalt curves, specifically navel.
  • I’m not a fan of exaggerated, exuberant bodies but you can use the liquify tool to make breast extra large, or the pelvis.
  • Used the Photoshop Beta feature to expand the background.

Keep in mind that this is what I consider light retouching, other pictures may include more, like fixing hands (typical), more enhancements, more retouching or redrawing missing details, light, etc.

Let me know what you guys think, if there are any questions, just shoot.

Before After Camping Girl