I’m working… finishing actually… the Rocket Girl series and doing a lot of AI image fixing.
Here is the before and after. Please check my DeviantArt account and let me know what you think.

If you are interested, in DeviantArt you can also find the PSD file (it is a premium option, around 1 USD).

Image Correction and Enhancements Applied (step by step):

  • Duplicated Background (always keep a backup)
  • Isolated Subject
  • Removed subject from background and extended with Photoshop AI. Since the subject is nude, if you don’t remove (content aware fill) the subject, the filter will not work and throw a warning about the content.
  • Removed eyes and used an iris I already like, converted to B&W and adjusted the blue colors to get the contrast I want. This is a great way to make it more neutral / desaturated and then apply color using Layer Styles. In my case I use Inner Glow and Color Overlay
  • Applied the classic burn and dodge to exalts some parts. I’m not a fan of liquify and overflowing bodies.
  • Fixed the nipples which AI messes a lot (but not as much as the hands)
  • Fixed right eye which was a bit disproportionate. I always keep some asymmetry anyway but if one eye is too closed the white part looks weird.
  • Adjusted the background (made a copy) and used Gaussian Blur to simulate (poorly but working) focal blur.
  • Adjusted colors in both the background and the subject (reds specially) for a more autumn feel.
  • Added a subtle glow to the subject.

If you want to know more about IA Image Fixing, let me know, I can add more tutorials or in depths.