Trends are no good friends of mine, I’ve always jumped into trends when they were no more. And writing this now proves that once again, except these are faster times. If I jumped into the AI train some months later it is nothing in the age of AI.

Lets cut to the chase: is AI good or bad for artists? We will explore some assumptions I had:

  • AI will make it harder for classic artists
  • AI will open new opportunities but are uncertain
  • AI is not art, there is no merit in creating art with AI
  • AI will be much more disruptive (and destructive) than any other new tech
  • What is the the real challenge of AI

AI will make it hard for classic artists

I still think this is true. It is nothing new, new tech comes and evolves and it has always been like that. People said the same about using digital to illustrate or to make photography and now the same artists that adopted these new trends at that time are complaining about the newest version. As always, it is a matter of how to adopt it. To me, the most important thing is that you can save a ton of time with AI. And the second one is that you can create things that are way outside of your abilities, in my case, illustrations or simply creating photography that it would require a ton of budget, props and locations outside my reach and budget.
Check out my time-lapse on editing.

AI will open new opportunities

Yes! and at the beginning I didn’t understood it well until I started using it, not only to create images. More people has now access to create. But there are several misconceptions:

  • AI is not (or at least not yet) a hit the create button and publish tool: you still need to market yourself, understand a ton of things related to your field and work hard on it.
  • Saving time: the real opportunity lies in time. If you are a designer, you can now bring ideas to life faster and then do your craft. If you need to create manuals, training; the same. Videos? you got it. You can save time by automating with AI.

AI is not art, there is no merit in creating art with AI

It depends, following my previous example: is someone that creates digital art with a tablet a lesser artist than someone who paints with a brush? If we are talking about quality, digital or canvas / fully manual or digital are just the mediums. You will still need technique, develop workflows and learn… like, a lot.

AI will be much more disruptive (and destructive) than any other new tech

I still believe this is true because the speed of how it is developing, getting adopted and the context. Which leads me to my last point.

The real challenge of AI

The challenge lies on the speed and how it is been implemented.

Speed: it is known that with each new advance the speed increases and we are reaching a point where change is disruptive even for the fastest minds.

How it is implemented: our current context (post pandemic, crises, etc) is pushing commerce (from the very individualistic and informal to the very heights of the corporate ladder) to adapt and people is taking AI in without measuring impact.

So, what do we do

Nothing changed in that arena, adopt it as much as you can to your own interests, specifically to save time, see where it can help to improve your creativity or to automate / speed up processes.
And as usual, be careful with the ethic side of things, copyright and try to make things as original as possible. The hype waters will eventually level.

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