Wanted to share the work of some amazing Erotic / NSFW creators I’ve found since I joined Twitter back in July.
A couple notes / warnings:

  • This is completely based on my preferences and likes.
  • NSFW content ahead

Worth mentioning too is the amount of talent, variety, quality and support that this community has to offer. By no means this is an absolute list, and I’m sure I’m missed a lot of entries.

Also a big shout out to accounts that do not create but share posts and made possible to know new talents.

I’ve bookmarked posts I’ve find amazing on different topics, a lot! so I’ve tried to group them in categories.


Most alluring, sexy and overall amazing pieces of erotic art


Dark Fantasy

My favorite topics: gothic, witches, vampires and anything dark.


Great artistic details and quality


Special Mentions

For jaw dropping creators based on technique, composition and overall quality. These really impressed me and are a constant reminder to learn more and raise the bar.

Kinkkuking: all round amazing, pictures have storytelling, great quality and details, overwhelmingly sexy creations.

Alsvetix: quality, consistency and amazing details and compositions. Probably the one I have clicked on Like the most.


Hope you liked this list and recommendations. If you think I’m missing some amazing artists, let me know to follow them on Twitter.